Company profile

CEO and Founder Keigo NAKAGAWA in Ginger field in Kochi prefecture, Japan
CEO and Founder Keigo NAKAGAWA in Ginger field in Kochi prefecture, Japan

Muslim Omotenashi Center Co.,ltd (MOMOC)

 *"Omotenashi" means "hospitality" in Japanese.


Founded in October, 2017

 *Former “Japan Muslim Marketing Services“ founded in Dec 2013


Contact adress: 5-15-14-330 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan



CEO and Founder: Keigo NAKAGAWA



Our Vision

1. Making Japanese society more friendly to Muslim or other people who has different religion or belief.

2. Creating the environment where Japanese companies provide more value to Muslim

    all over the world to build a peaceful and prosperous world.


Our Mission and Values

1.   We support hotels and restaurants in Japan to boost their sales from Muslim tourists with minimum risk.

2.   We support Japanese manufacturer which provides excellent products to become Muslim-market-driven so that they get another opportunities in the “new” market.


For Restaurants and Hotels in Japan

 We support hotels and restaurants with simple and easy method of services which we developed by lots of opinions and information from Muslim. We also support promotion of each company.

1. Strategic consulting and Services for sales increase

At a seminar for processing companies.
At a seminar for processing companies.

Information service regarding to general Muslim tourist market in Japan

Information service regarding to consumer action of Muslim tourists in Japan

Cost performance analysis

Providing data for presentations or internal meeting in your company

Support to make own policy of the shop

Support to create dishes for Muslim or Vegetarian

Providing display and guidance for Muslim in the shop


2. Training

Fundamental knowledge for management or administration department


Practical training for service staffs


3. Promoting and Marketing

Supporting promotion and marketing with the information and opinions by travel agencies in Muslim market which are connected to our company. 

For manufacturing companies

We provide from fundamental knowledge about Muslim as customers, to developing new products and sales promotion.

1. Consulting for marketing, developing and sales of products for Muslim market

Market research 

Analysis of products based on ingredients and marketing

Tasting research by Muslim students in Japan

Support to choose Halal certificate body

Product development

Promotion and introducing buyers


2. Matching to the market

Providing companies with opportunities by supporting to participate exhibitions and/or business matching meetings in the target countries. 

Pushing exports of companies with supporting export procedures.